Personalized Yoga Therapy
Can’t find time for a yoga class?  Have a physical, mental or physiological issue that you’d like to manage?  Let’s develop a practice that’s all about YOU. Treat yourself or someone you love to four sessions of personalized yoga where we develop a practice that suits your needs and schedule.  Experience the power of using the simple tools of yoga in your own home or wherever you are!

  • First Session:  In the first session, we determine your goals, the amount of time, time of day and place you will practice.  Then we work on your personal sequence.  I will send you a diagram with pictures and precise instructions on how to practice your sequence.
  • Three Follow-up SessionsThree sessions to follow-up the initial session will assure that you are comfortable with the instructions and happy with your practice.  It’s all about you!

Sessions available in person or via Skype.  Extra travel expenses may apply.

Need a gift certificate? Email me.

Audio or video instructions are also available.

Group Yoga Instruction

If you have a group of friends, associates or workmates who would like to practice together, we can arrange a class just for you for either .  This is a great team building activity for informal gatherings or office/corporate retreats.  Email for rates.

Reiki Healing Session

Reiki is an energetic practice that can help release the tension and “stuck” energy you hold in your body.  You will lie on a table, fully clothed while I move my hands over various areas of your body (lightly touching or not at all), releasing energetic blockages.    Reiki sessions can also be done via Skype or phone.

Combination Therapy

Private yoga session followed by Reiki.

Minimum session is one hour.  All therapies are $65-75/hour/person, depending upon location.  Group classes are priced separately.  Extra travel expenses may apply.  Payment accepted via PayPal or cash/check.

Cancellation policy:  Please cancel w/i 24 hours of your appointment in order to avoid being charged for the session.


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  2. Hello Robin,

    I am interested in learning Reiki –
    Do you teach classes or know where I might
    find one that aligns with your training?
    I live in Richmond


    • Hi Deb,
      I think I replied to you last month. If not, so sorry!
      All those I studied with in Richmond have moved on. You might try Blue Ridge Reiki Center. A collegue studied with Lynn and I think she comes to Richmond from time to time. Good luck and thanks for writing!

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