Quickie #3 – Love yourself


Valentine’s Day.  Funny how a holiday that is supposed to be about love seems to be more about gifts nowadays.  Buy this, and your love will last forever:  the flowers, the candy, the jewelry…it’s inescapable.

The assumption is that the entire world is coupled up like they are ready to get on Noah’s Ark and float away to happiness.  Having been without a partner for many years, I ponder this idea at this time of year.  Why does the world assume you need to be part of a couple?  Why is the notion of love based on two?

Think about this:  you probably often tell your friends and family that you love them.  But how often do you tell yourself?  I’m not talking about a nod, a wink and “Lookin’ good!” in the mirror, but a bonafide, out loud, “I love myself!”  Try it right now.  My lovely Reiki teacher, Shafiya,  likes to complete that sentence with “deeply and completely“.

You may feel a little sheepish the first few times.  You may roll your eyes.  I did.  But try adding this little exercise to your day and see how it makes you feel.  If nothing else, it may make you laugh out loud, and that’s always a good thing.

The truth is, you have to learn to love yourself before you can fully, completely love anyone else.  So, for those romantics out there, this little self practice has the ultimate added bonus of helping with your relationships.  Cheaper than therapy.

Now, if you can’t bring yourself to shout it out loud quite yet, try this (or add this):  in a seated position (in a chair or on the floor), inhale deeply, expanding through your chest, and open your arms wide.  Exhale fully, tucking in your tummy and hug yourself.  Yeah, hug yourself.  And you can just say or think that little mantra above (“I love myself, deeply and completely!”).  Do this 4-8 times at any time of day, anywhere you feel comfortable.  Can you feel the love? 🙂

And how will I spend Valentine’s Day? I will call my favorite people and go get a little sumpin’ for myself.  Happy Valentine’s Day from me to me.  It usually takes the form of something lusciously chocolate…

Have a great day, whatever you do and whoever you’re with!


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