Quickie #1 – Gratitude


This time of the year, there are messages everywhere urging us to be thankful.    For some, it is easy to fall into the holiday spirit.  For others, not so much.  The magic in gratitude is keeping it going year-round.

I’ll share a quick little practice I try to use every day.  It helps me to keep the gratitude going yearlong and keeps it simple.  You can do this when you get up, while your brush your teeth, before you go to bed:  whatever works. Try to find a time when you’ll remember to do it every day.

Close your eyes for a minute (if possible) and get quiet.  Observe your breath.  Now think of three things you are grateful for and say to yourself or out loud, “I’m grateful for _______.”  Fill in the blank with three things you are truly grateful for.  That’s it.  It can be something as small as, “I’m grateful for my funny cat.” to “I’m grateful for my good health.”  Try to avoid negative language and keep it specific to your own life.  Ultimately, this simple practice makes you see the little events in your life in a different light.  Perhaps you’ll start to see the magic in the small things that our fast-paced lifestyles often make us push aside.

Happy Holidays!



  1. Well done darling girl.
    A beautiful web site with lots of good information.
    I am thankful for YOU!

  2. What a lovely way to start or end my day.
    I am grateful for your knowledge, my friends and my little furry family members.

  3. I am grateful for your friendship.
    The well being I’ve experienced as a result of the yoga and Reiki
    you’ve shared is another thing for which I am grateful.

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