Why should I do private yoga sessions?


When I tell people that I do private yoga sessions, they look dubious.  The reactions are usually either, “Sounds expensive.” or  “Sounds kinky!”  No, it’s not expensive nor kinky at all and there are multiple situations in which private sessions can really work to your benefit.

Situation One:  In the Air

Do you travel for your job?  So much so that your spouse stumbles over your name when you walk in the door?  Do you have elite frequent flyer status on more than one airline?  Then chances are, you a) don’t have time for a class and b) spend a lot of time crushed into small, uncomfortable seats.

In a private session, we will figure out how much time you can devote to a practice and when/where you will do it.  I have great adaptions for the postures so you won’t have to get down on the icky hotel room floor; they can help ease the typical low back pain associated with riding in planes, trains and automobiles.

Situation Two:  The Chauffeur

Do you have children whose schedule seems more complicated than the President’s?  Do you often feel like a professional chauffeur rather than a parent?

I can show you a practice that will fit in before, between, after and around all those events you need to shuffle.  I’ve been the chauffeur and I know what that juggling act is like.  The soothing influence of some poses and some breathing can do wonders for your attitude the next time someone says, “I left my backpack in the driveway,” right as you pull into the school parking lot.

Situation Three:  Outfit Intimidation

Are you just too shy to try a yoga class?  Intimidated by all the hype you see in the media about yoga?  And let’s not even talk about those tight pants!

If you prefer a solo act, or even a practice with a partner, I can help you develop a custom sequence.  We will talk about your specific intentions for your practice and work to tailor it to suit your needs.  No fancy equipment required and you can wear whatever you want.

Situation Four:  The Procrastinator

Do you find yourself complaining about your knee hurting so you won’t have to go for a run/walk?  Waiting for the cable guy to arrive so you won’t have to go to the gym?

Think about spending 10 or 15 minutes a couple of times a week, just for your own health.  You don’t have to have fancy equipment or clothes.  You don’t even need a mat if you don’t want to buy one.  There is so much I can teach you just sitting in a chair.

These are four good scenarios in which I find many of my clients.  They all benefit from what they learn because the practice is custom designed just for them.

The yoga I teach is called Viniyoga.  It has nothing to do with your cousin, Vinny.  Nor is it related to Vinyasa Flow.  In Sanskrit, “vini” means adaptive so it’s yoga that’s adapted specifically to you, your aches and pains and your situation in life at this moment.  I’m offering a half price special through the end of the year so that anyone who is curious can try it out.  It’s a great deal.  When you invest in yourself, what have you got to lose?


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