Being on the Winning Team


I thought this was an interesting article about the winners of most recent Super Bowl, the Giants, doing yoga in their training.  Seems that even big, tough guys benefit from yoga.

Notice how much their teacher, Gwen Lawrence, mentions flexibility.  I love her quote:

“Think of it this way,” Lawrence explained.  “You have a bow and arrow, and the bow string is strong and unbreakable, but if it’s too tight, you can only pull it back an inch and the arrow flops down on the ground.  But when the string is flexible, you can pull it far back, and the arrow has more power.”

She also talks about mental toughness and how the breathing techniques help them deal with game stress.  And taking it one step further, one of the players found relief for asthma through specific breathing techniques.

Ms. Lawrence sums it up well:  “It’s not just an athlete thing.”

Nor is yoga just a workout.  It’s about getting to know yourself.  Can you think of better way to spend your time?


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