Nature girl


I take for granted that I can walk out the door, leave it unlocked and go do whatever I need to:  shop, walk, garden or just run around doing the silly things I do.  But when you live in a city, in an apartment, going out is a bit more complicated.

There is the security issue.  You have to lock up.  Like Fort Knox.  And make sure that you leave with the right keys.  Or you’re not getting back in.  Ever.

There is the “got everything?” issue.  Take your wallet, your subway card, your credit card but not too many credit cards.  Cash, but not too much cash.  Got an extra bag in case you need something at the store?  God forbid you would ask for a bag in a store.

There is the household chores issue.  Is tonight garbage night?  Is it recycle night?  Do you have to change your plans in order to get all that stuff onto the street at the right time?

It has taken me 10 days to get used to going out the door without a semi-panicky feeling that I’ve forgotten something.  My biggest fear?  That I’ll forget my iPhone, my connection to the world.  Who would I call if I got lost?  I don’t know.  But at least I could use the Yoga Journal app and find the nearest studio.


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